How to Delete the Undeletable Files or Folders in Windows

Sometimes when we try to delete a file or folder , Windows does not allow us to delete that file or folder whether it is being used by another program or it no longer exists in the system.

For example, When we uninstalled a Program or software ,that software removed from the list but the folder of that software exists in Program files or whatever the location where it was installed.When we try to delete or remove it manually , whether it is deleted,no problem but what if it is not deleted ?

Let`s see :

It shows error pop-up window whether :

  • " Can not delete file : Can not find the path specified
  • " Can not delete file : It is being used by another person or program "
  • " Can not delete file or folder : File or folder no longer exists "

Most easy and effective way to delete unwanted files or folders :

  • Just Rename the file or folder , Now try to delete it. If it is not deleted, Just Restart computer and then again delete it.
  • If it  not Renamed , try to delete individual files in the folder ,if files left undeleted. Restart computer and then again try to rename and delete.
  • " Can not delete file : It is being used by another person or program " ,files or folder with this error can be deleted by : Open task manager >> End process explorer.exe >> Close task manager and delete the file/folder.

These are the most easy and simple ways without using any software.They may work or not  for all types of files.

Have Fun!

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