How to Change Message Ringtone in Samsung Android Phone

You can easily change your samsung android phone`s call ringtone under Sounds section in Settings. But there is no option to change message`s ringtone, if you wish to. 

So, How can you change your phone`s message ringtone?

Here`s the way for the same. This will help the users who don`t know about changing the ringtone for incoming messages in their android phone.

Also, If you want to turn off the default message ringtone, you can also off 
( Silent) this ringtone by choosing Silent option from the ringtone list. Follow the steps.

Change Message Ringtone in Samsung Android Phone :

  • Open Messaging.

  • Press Menu Key ( or options key ).

  • Now, Choose Settings.

  • Scroll down and Select Notification Settings.

  • Open Select Ringtone.

  • Select your Ringtone from list.

  • Now, Press OK.  

    That`s it.

    Note : If you can`t Click on Select Ringtone under Notification Settings, Please 
              make sure that the Notifications are enabled ( check box is selected ).

    Also, You can select different message ring-tones for different SIM cards in a dual SIM phone, if supported.

    The Options might be slightly different as mentioned above for different devices but the way should be similar.

    This is the simple way to change or off the message ringtone in your Samsung Android phone for incoming messages.

    Have Fun!

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