MS Paint - Learn Paint in Hindi Video Tutorial

Paint is a simple graphics painting tool that has been included with all versions of Microsoft Windows. It is often referred to as MS Paint or Microsoft Paint

This program opens and saves files as Windows bitmap ( .bmp ), JPEG, GIF, PNG etc.

You can do a lot with this free tool like :
-Draw a line
-Draw a shape
-Add text
-Erase part of your picture
-Fill Colours 
-Insert image and Edit 
-Send Image or Painting via E-mail etc.etc.

It provides many features to the users which makes it helpful in painting and drawing. It is easy to use.

Open Paint : 

  • Start button  >> All Programs >>  Accessories >> Paint.

Parts of Paint :

1. Paint Button
2. Ribbon
3. Quick Access Toolbar
4. Drawing Area

Learn MS Paint different parts Image

Click on the Link to Learn Paint in Hindi in this Video Tutorial 

MS Paint Video Tutorial in Hindi 

Have Fun!


  1. learn paint in 4th standard.. :)

    1. That`s really good :)

      but mostly don`t or either don`t use it.
      As it is the tool providing lots of functionality.

      So, It is here.

  2. yupps..but its quite easy to use tools...m interested in making them through code..but dont know what exactly i need to do...need sm help...any ideas????

    1. That`s great.....!!
      then, why don`t you try to start by making a simple paint like program in C# ?

      Here` the link , Give it a try.

    2. dnt know the basic syntax of c#...
      bt still it was gud sir...
      thanks.. :)
      waiting for more posts from ur side.. :)

    3. Your wish to make a program like that is really appreciable :)

      If you are really interested in making windows apps, and C# doesn`t suits your skills.

      You can go with C++ or Java also.

  3. thanku..gonna try this out... :)


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