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WSR Command Code To Know Weather of Any City

This Post is an extension to Talk With Your Computer like Jarvis in Iron Man , So, Before forwarding to continue reading...It is recommended to Read linked article.

Here are some Windows Speech Macros Code to Know the Weather of your favorite City or any City. You just have to edit the following codes according to your wish list. Here it is :

Know Weather of Your Favorite City By Voice Command :

How To Resume Download Of Broken Files With IDM - Working

No Doubt, Internet Download Manager is the most famous and faster download manager and hence widely used. But, Problems might be there with the best things also.

Sometimes, While downloading a file with Internet Download Manager, it failed to download the file in progress due to some known reasons. What might be those reasons?

- Either the server from where you are downloading the file has stopped responding...

- Either you Stop or Pause your download and it doesn`t have resume capability... 

- Sometimes we receive an error message saying "Download has been stopped due to internet connection problem" ... or some others...

Remove Google+ or Picasa Sync Images from Gallery in Android Phone

Whenever an Android user adds the Google Account with his device, He got access to all the Google products from the device  i.e. Play Store, Gmail, Hangouts etc. and all his google data synchronized with the device like Contacts, Pictures ( Google+ profile, Picasa albums or blogger images ), and others. 

So, Whenever the user open Gallery,  those sync images from your Google account will be seen. Some users like to have all their Picasa albums direct into Gallery of their phone but some might feel it annoying.

If any user wish to remove or delete the Google+ or Picasa albums from Android gallery, there is no direct option to do so. So, You have to make some changes yourself from the Settings. Although, According to Google’s recent changes, the Google picasa albums merged into the Google Plus albums. As a result, your all photos will be in the Google Plus photos folder. 

Now, How can a user actually remove these photos from the Gallery ?

GATE 2014 Online Mock Test for Practice Free

GATE 2014 Mock Test for Practice allows candidate to practice for the GATE 2014 Online Tests which will held as on following schedule :

GATE 2014 Online Examination

Forenoon: 9.00 AM to 12.00 noon
Afternoon: 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM
Between 1st February and 2nd March 2014

Announcement of results on Online Application Interface

Saturday        28th March 2014
          (10:00 Hrs)

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