Remove Google+ or Picasa Sync Images from Gallery in Android Phone

Whenever an Android user adds the Google Account with his device, He got access to all the Google products from the device  i.e. Play Store, Gmail, Hangouts etc. and all his google data synchronized with the device like Contacts, Pictures ( Google+ profile, Picasa albums or blogger images ), and others. 

So, Whenever the user open Gallery,  those sync images from your Google account will be seen. Some users like to have all their Picasa albums direct into Gallery of their phone but some might feel it annoying.

If any user wish to remove or delete the Google+ or Picasa albums from Android gallery, there is no direct option to do so. So, You have to make some changes yourself from the Settings. Although, According to Google’s recent changes, the Google picasa albums merged into the Google Plus albums. As a result, your all photos will be in the Google Plus photos folder. 

Now, How can a user actually remove these photos from the Gallery ?

As a Android user, I also don`t like my Google plus or blogger images to be listed into my Gallery. I also use the same way to remove these photos which is mentioned below.
Note that You don`t need to delete anything from your online albums or anything. Using this way, Google plus or Picasa albums and blogger photos will be removed from your gallery only not from your online storage. So, Be calm!

So, What do you need to do actually? 

First, You need to stop syncing the Google Photos.

Second, You have to then Clear the already Syncronized data.

Stop Sync of Google+ Photos or Picasa Albums :

Doing so will stop the further sync of your google photos with your devices. To stop sync, follow the steps...

  • Go to Settings in your Android Phone.
  • Scroll down to Accounts and Sync ( Accounts ) and Tap on it.
  • You will see Google Account ( your Gmail id ) under Manage Accounts Section.
  • Tap on your Gmail account and Deselect the “Sync Picasa Web albums” option.
  • Now, You`re done.

You can also stop the Sync of your Google Account by un-checking the Auto Sync in your Accounts Settings. This will stop the automatically sync of your google contacts, gmail, photos etc. 

Don`t worry! You can get your new mails into Gmail app of your phone by manually refreshing the Gmail.

Tip : You can also stop automatically sync of other data like Contacts etc. from 
        the same way. 

I hope, you have successfully completed the first step. Now, your further sync of photos has been stopped. But, You can see your Picasa albums folder or Google+ Photos folder into your Gallery even now. 

Now we have to Clear the previous Sync data to remove those folders from the Gallery.

Clear the Synchronized Data from Gallery :

  • Go to Settings in your Android Phone.
  • Scroll to Applications >> Manage Applications ( or Application Manager ) 
  • Tap on the All tab 
  • Now, Scroll down to Gallery and Click on it. 
  • Now, Click on Clear Data.
  • You`re done.

Remove google plus photos folder from Gallery by Clear Data through Settings

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Don`t bother about your SD card Images or Data. Only Picasa Albums folder and Google+ photos folder or blogger Photos folder will be removed.

This is all about to remove your all online images from the Gallery of your android phone. This is a effective and working way. As I mentioned, I have already used this way if i have to stop sync of any data from my google account. I hope, you also find this helpful.

Have Fun! 


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