10 Most Helpful Keyboard Shortcut Keys of Windows that You Should Know

Keyboard Shortcuts! Keyboard shortcuts are an extremely useful tool when it comes to conserving time and energy. Some common keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + X (cut), Ctrl + C (copy), Ctrl + V (paste),  Ctrl + Z (undo) etc. are most used. Use of these keys make the work faster at some extent than doing the same with mouse.

I am not going to tell you about these common shortcut keys, Instead, I am going to tell you most important and useful keyboard shortcuts that you might need sometime and you should know. 

Suppose, Sometimes your mouse stops responding or damaged, your program hangs up while running etc. Other than these like you need to move fast among many opened programs, close opened windows, zoom in or out etc.

What would you do in such situations?

So, You should know such keys to tackle with these problems. 

Here are the 10 Most Helpful Keyboard Shortcut Keys of Windows that You Should Know..

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts that You Should Know :

  • left Alt + left Shift + Num Lock : Mouse Keys

These keys combination make to use mouse pointer with keyboard using direction keys on the number pad of your keyboard.

Initially, the speed of movement of pointer is very slow, you should increase that  in the control panel. Follow the link for detailed guide...

  • Ctrl + Shift + Esc  : Task manger

While running any program like games or something, sometimes our system hangs up. 
To End that program or process, Use these Keys to open task manager. 

Then Select that program and click on End task.

So, Manage the programs or processes from the task manager while system stops responding.

  • Alt + Ctrl + Delete  : referred as "three-fingered salute"

Ctrl-Alt-Delete is the combination of keyboard keys that brings up a window that allows a user to see the status of all currently running programs and to terminate any of them, and also offers the options of shutting down, restarting windows etc.

Additionally, if sometimes  ctrl + shift + Esc keys does not brings up the task manager, you can use these keys and Select Task manager from the new window opened.

This combination serves two different services, one before starting up of the computer system to restart and the other one in the running system to bring a new window with many options.

  • Windows logo key + Tab  : Cycle through Opened Programs

Windows logo key+Tab keys combination allows to Cycle through all the opened programs.

Other than this- Windows logo key+Ctrl+Tab allows to Cycle through open programs and snaps them as they are cycled.

Windows logo key+Shift+Tab allows to Cycle through opened programs in a reverse order.

You can switch easily among many opened programs using these keys combinations.

  • Alt + F4  : Close Programs

This is used to close the opened or running programs. Alt + f4 Closes the active item or exit the active program. 

Also, Using this on combination desktop brings the options to Shut down or Restart. using arrows keys to move among options and pressing Enter key will process your selected option.

  • Windows logo key + M  : Minimize or maximize all windows

Windows logo key + M is used to Minimize all windows while
Windows logo key + shift + M will maximize all windows.

To maximize or minimize a single window :

Windows logo key + up arrow - Maximize the desktop window
Windows logo key + down arrow - Minimize the desktop window
Windows logo key + left arrow - Maximize the desktop window to the left side of the screen
Windows logo key + right arrow - Maximize the desktop window to the right side of the screen

  • Ctrl + plus (+) or minus (-)  key : Zoom In or Out

Ctrl-Plus (Ctrl and "+" key) to make fonts larger and Ctrl-Minus (Ctrl and "-" key) to make fonts smaller.

Tip : In the keyboard, plus(+) key is given with = key. So, Use Ctrl + Shift + plus key.

  • Shift + Delete : Delete Permanently

SHIFT+DEL keys Deletes the file/folder immediately without removing to the Recycle Bin. 
Basically, When we delete any file or folder using Delete key, That program moves to Recycle Bin and Any can restore that if Recycle bin not being trashed.

  • SPACE-BAR  : Space and Select Checkbox

Everyone thinks that this key is only for White Space who did not know about its extra functions.You can also use this key for :
- If the current control is a button, this clicks the button. 
- If the current control is a check box, this toggles the check box. 
- If the current control is an option, this selects the option.

Tip: During Windows Installation, you can use Space key to select check boxes without needing the mouse during installation process.

  • TAB  Key  : Move to Next

TAB key is used to Move the control to the next item. This key moves the cursor to the next tab stop. TAB key also make combination keys with other keys like win logo key, Alt.

In dialog boxes and menus, pressing the Tab key highlights the next button or option.

These are some keys that you might find useful in need and can use to work faster without dragging the mouse again and again. 

Have Fun!

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