All Files Become Shortcuts in Pendrive or Memory card - 3 Methods to Fix

Have all Files become shortcuts in your pen-drive or any removable media ? 
You have no access to your data ? Don`t know how to get your important data back ?

Facing these problems? Relax! first of all.

Sometimes files or folders in your pen-drive/sd memory card or any other removable media became shortcuts and simply, you can`t access your data at all.
Why it happens actually? 

Yes! You are right. It might be due to virus, Trojans or worms. Your device got infected by them.

Then, How really do you access your data, get rid of these shortcuts ?

There are many ways for the accessing your data safely unless you haven`t formatted your device. In the case of device formatted, you need to use any Data Recovery Software only to get your data back.

As the problem might not be the same with all users, it might vary for different users. So, You can try any of following methods. One or two will definitely gonna help you.

Method 1 : Use Any Antivirus to Scan Your Removable Device

This is the most simple and can be working way to access your data for you.

You should try a Full Scan of your removable device. You can be lucky if your antivirus detects and remove that virus, Trojans or worms for you.

Update you Antivirus and Give it a chance. 

You can also download  "AutorunExterminator"  that will remove the autorun.inf files from your memory card and also from drives. 

Or you can also try "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware" Free Software that will fix this problem and you can easily get access to your data.

If this doesn`t work for you or you have no updated antivirus or access to internet , then you can try following methods.

Method 2 : Using cmd.exe to Check for Hidden Files

You can use this way to access your data by checking whether your files are not hidden. This way might work for you.

  • Click on Start >> Run >> Type cmd >> OK.

  • OR To Open Run, use Windows Logo Key + R 

  • Enter this command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\*.*

Note :  Assuming your removable drive as H: So, Replace the letter h: with your pen-drive or memory card letter. You can Copy-paste this command from here.

  • Now Check for your files in your pen-drive or memory card. 

If you find any difficulty while using this method, make sure that you entered the command correctly. If you doesn`t find it helpful, Switch to the following method.

Method 3 : Using Files and Folders Options to Copy Data from Device

This method might be helpful and effective for you. In this, you simply have to Unhide the necessary files then you will get access to your files. Simply, Copy your data to some safe place and then Format your pen-drive using Quick Format.

Follow the Instructions as follows: 

  • Insert your Pen-drive or Memory card to any Computer.
  • Open Control Panel >> Appearance and Personalization
  • Click on Folder Options >> Under View Tab : 
  • Select Show Hidden Files, Folders and drives,
  • Uncheck Hide operating system files, 
  • Uncheck hide extensions for known file types, 
  • Uncheck  Hide empty drives in computer folder

how to remove shortcuts in Pendrive or Memory card Using Files and Folders Options

  • Click on Apply >> OK.
  • Now, Open your Device. You can see you files in your device.
  • Copy the files to some safe place in your computer.

Now, You can Format your pen-drive.

These are some effective ways to get rid of shortcut icons problem in removable devices. Give them a try. Your problem will be solved. If you lost your data accidently, then don`t bother. You will get your data using some data recovery software ( explained in next update ) even if you formatted you device.

Have Fun!


  1. Apart from all this method you can also see your files without doing any changes by inserting your usb pen drive into the linux server like ubuntu. It will shows all the hidden files in your pendrive.

    1. Hello Eashwarpande!

      Yeah! Sure! It might be possible but you know, Ubuntu might not be available to everyone at that time.

      By the way, Thanks for figure out this method also and Stopping by here,

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