How to Show or Hide Run, Control Panel, Connect To, Help in Start Menu

Microsoft Windows provides Start Menu feature which arranges the programs at one place, user installed programs, links or menus to other system programs etc. Users are allowed to select which commands or options will appear on the Start menu. You can add options for Run, Help, Control Panel, Connect to etc. on the Start Menu to access them easily.

Some newbies questioned that they do not have Run command or Connect to option on their start menu. Thus, This is for them to know how can they bring these options back to available on the start menu. Also, Using the same procedure, they can hide already existing options from start menu to  make their own personalized Start Menu, whatever the reason be.

Here, I included Run command, Control Panel, Connect To, Help and Support options only as they are mostly accessed from Start Menu and by default, They are always included on the Start Menu. You can also show or hide other options from the list, if you want.

Now, Straight to that how users can show or hide these options from Start Menu.

  • Right Click on Start Menu
  • Choose Properties
  • Click on Customize... under Start Menu tab
  • In the new small window, Scroll and look for the option you want to show or hide.
  • Check ( Select ) the box to Show the Option on Start Menu.
  • Uncheck the the box to Hide the Option from Start Menu.

How to Show or Hide Run, Control Panel, Connect To, Help options in Start Menu Image

To Show or Hide Run... command :

  • Scroll down and look for the Run Command-ON/OFF.
  • It will be Run Command-OFF if the box was unchecked means this option is not already listed on the Start Menu. 
  • You can easily make it to show on Start Menu by Checking the box and it will then become Run Command-ON.
  • Just Check/Uncheck the box to Show/Hide Run...

By default, This option is available on the start menu.

Alternatively, You can also Open Run... by Windows Logo Key + R keyboard shortcut key.

To Show or Hide Connect To :

It shows all the available wireless networks, dial-up and VPN connections that you can connect to.

  • Look for same Connect To-ON/OFF. 
  • If you want to Show it on Start Menu, Just Check the box of Connect To-OFF and After Checking the box, It will be as Connect To-ON.
  • To Hide this Option, Just Uncheck the box.

By default, This option is available on start menu in windows xp but not in windows 7.

To Show or Hide Control Panel :

  • Look for Control Panel which has further options to show as a Link or as a Menu.
  • If you choose ( check the box ) of Display as a Link then it will work as a link whenever you click on it, It will open the control panel window.
  • If you choose Display as a Menu, then a list of all options will be displayed whenever you Highlight or Click on Control panel option.
  • To Hide Control panel from Start Menu, Just Select Don`t Display this item.

By default, This option is available on Start Menu.

To Show or Hide Help and Support :

  • Look for Help-ON/OFF option. 
  • Help-ON (box is checked) means Help and Support option is listed on the Start Menu.
  • To Hide this Option, Just Uncheck the box.

By default, This opttion is available on Start Menu.

This was a simple way to Customize the Start Menu to Show or Hide these options on Start Menu which will help new windows users.

Have Fun!

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