How To Resume Download Of Broken Files With IDM - Working

No Doubt, Internet Download Manager is the most famous and faster download manager and hence widely used. But, Problems might be there with the best things also.

Sometimes, While downloading a file with Internet Download Manager, it failed to download the file in progress due to some known reasons. What might be those reasons?

- Either the server from where you are downloading the file has stopped responding...

- Either you Stop or Pause your download and it doesn`t have resume capability... 

- Sometimes we receive an error message saying "Download has been stopped due to internet connection problem" ... or some others...

If any file has been downloaded about 40 % or more , then Definitely, No one in this world like to waste that much time to download it again. Right?
Then, what can one do to resume the file where it stopped?

Just Follow this Easy and 100% working method :

Note that Before applying this method, Keep in mind that you must have the history or website address of that file which you want to resume ( To ensure the same file size and same server address)

  • Open the same file in your browser, and download it again, when the dialog window appears, Select "Download it later"....

  • Now, Open IDM and Double Click on the file name you have selected to "Download it later"

  • Select (Ctrl + A) the full address field in front of Address :  column under save to.. option and  Copy (Ctrl+c) that address and Close.

  • Now, Double Click on the file which was not resuming and Paste the new address which you have copied earlier in the address field and Press OK. 

  •  Now, Right Click on the file and Click on Resume Download

You`re Done.

This method works in most of the problems and easy also.


Have Fun!

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