How to System Restore in Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8

Microsoft Windows provides a helpful feature to undo the system changes in your computer called System Restore. System Restore uses another powerful feature called System Protection to regularly create and save restore points on your computer.

Sometimes, the installation of a new program or a driver can cause an unexpected change to your computer in which mostly uninstalling that program might correct the problem but If uninstalling does not fix the problem, you can try restoring your computer's system to an earlier date point to make it behave like before.

Now, the point is how to restore your system to a earlier good point in either in windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 ? 

Here`s the step by step instructions to apply the changes :

System Restore in Windows XP :

Make sure that you logged in to your computer as Administrator.

  • Click Start >> All Programs >> Accessories
  • System Tools >> Click on System Restore.
A new windows appears ; 
  • Choose Restore my computer to an earlier time option 
  • Then Click on Next
A new windows appears ; 

  • Select any Date from the Calender on your computer working fine
  • Now Choose restore point from On this list, click a restore point list 
  • then click Next
On Confirm Restore Point Selection window 
  • Click Next

It will restore the Windows XP to your Selected Point , Your computer will restart. It will take some time to successful completion of the restore process.

System Restore in Windows Vista, 7 or 8 :

  • Click Start >> Programs >> Accessories

  • System Tools >> Click on System Restore.

A new windows appears ; 

  • Click Next OR Select Choose a different restore point >> Next 

In the New window ;

  • Choose any Restore Point from the list 
  • Click on Next, Then Finish.
In the Confirm Window ;

  • Click YES to Confirm.

Computer will automatically Restart and This might take some time to complete and then your computer will be restored to your Selected Point.

Which Programs or Drivers get Affected :

  • Windows system files
  • Programs
  • Registry settings
  • scripts, batch files, and other executable files
Your recent programs or updated drivers installed after your selected restore point will be uninstalled or removed. You have to install them again.

It does not affect your personal files, documents or photos.It only make changes to system settings.

Undo the System Restore If it not Helps :

You can undo the system restore if it doesn`t make any change to your problem.

    • Click Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools
    • System Restore >> Choose undo my last restore point

    Extra Tip :  If you are not able to log on your system i.e. due to blue screen error                                       
                      or any other reason , You must use a System Repair Disc or 
                      Windows installation Disc to repair or restore your system.

    Have Fun!

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