Easiest Way to Make an Invisible Folder in Windows

This tutorial explains the most easiest and effective way to make an invisible folder ( a folder with no name and no icon ) in windows either XP , 7 or 8 without using any software.

This may be important for you in many ways : that you really want to make an invisible folder and want to keep your personal stuff safe in it or to have knowledge about it.
Whatever is the need,that`s all up to you.

I`ll explain here how to make a folder with no name,no icon and when can anyone see your invisible folder and how to keep it safe and hide and what to do if your laptop has no Numeric keypad.

Make a Folder with No Name :

  • Make a New Folder on Desktop or in any Harddisk Partition.
  • Rename the Folder
  • Hold Alt key and Type 255 OR Hold Alt key and Type 0160.
  • Now, Folder has no name.

Note : You can use either ( Alt + 255 ) Or 
 ( Alt + 0160 ) . Make sure that Num Lock is on and Type the Numbers 255 or 0160 from numeric keypad under Num Lock.This will not work with numbers below the function keys.

Make a Folder with No Icon :

  • Right Click on the same folder ( or any folder you want to make invisible )
  • Properties >> customize >> Change Icon...
  • Now Choose Blank icon as shown in Image below.
  • Click Ok then Apply and Ok.

How to Make an Invisible Folder in Windows Image
Click on Image to Zoom

That`s it.Now you have a folder with no name and no icon- a invisible folder.
This is the most easiest and effective way to make a folder invisible without any software.

You have done but your invisible folder can be seen by anyone.Make it completely under your control with the following steps :

When can anyone see your invisible folder :

  • If anyone Selects all the folders.
  • If the View is selected as Tile, Details and Content.

So, Now take some extra security steps so that no one can think about where invisible folder exists.

Hide the Folder :

  • Right Click on the folder >> Properties
  • Select ( Tick ) on Hidden.
  • Click Apply and Ok.

Remember : Use List View where you have save your invisible folder.Then, there are rare chances that anyone can locate invisible folder just opening an closing that drive or folder.Invisible folder only be highlighted when anyone selects all the folders.

That`s all.

What to do when No Numeric keypad in laptop :

Now, The very important thing to concern for mostly laptop users is that their Laptops have no Numeric Keypad.They can only make the folder with no icon.

But how will they make a folder with No Name?

Don`t worry.

Your laptop`s keyboard might have a Num Lock/Nm lk key.
  • Use this key to turn on num lock.
  • If it`s not work ; Use Num lock/Nm Lk key with Fn key.
  • Then your numbers under function keys will work as numeric keypad numbers.
( you can decide with color match of Fn key and Nm lk key to use together or not.)

But what if there is no Num Lock/Nm Lk Key present, as in mine laptop.

Calm Down! Just Use Virtual Keyboard i.e. On Screen Keyboard

  • Start >> All Programs >> Accessories
  • Ease of Access >> On Screen Keyboard

Or, what you can also do is arrange an external Keyboard.

That`s it.

Have Fun!


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