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Books and Study Materials for the Preparation of GATE Exam
GATE Exam is an All-India level examination for aspirants who are interested in pursuing M.TECH/Direct PhD in India or Abroad. 

Mostly aspirants consider cracking the GATE Exam a very difficult task but it can be easy if they made the Preparation procedure easy. They should focus on the good understanding of the basic concepts and their applications.

Remember :

  • GATE is based on scoring well in a single exam as your previous academic and non-academic performance doesn`t matter and provides you a good opportunity to get success with your talent.
  • GATE paper focus on your in-depth knowledge of subject, basics, presence of mind during examination etc. 
  • GATE is completely objective question based test. Most of time solving objective questions is tricky. Thus, You should maintain formulas, short-cuts in your concise notes.

Below, The important and helpful Books are listed strictly according to the Syllabus for the Gate Exam.

[See Here]  Syllabus for GATE Exam


Mathematical Logic : 
"Discrete Mathematics "  by Tremblay and Manohar .
"Discrete Mathematical Structures, Kolman, Busby, Ross, Prentice Hall of India
"2000 Solved Problems in Discrete Mathematics", Seymour Lipschutz, McGraw-Hill

Probability : 
"Probability , statistics and queuing theory " by S.C.Gupta & V.K.Kapoor

Set Theory & Algebra :

"Discrete mathematics & its applications", Kenneth H. Rose

Note : However, Mathematical Logic and Set Theory & Algebra can be prepared 
         from any one or two books as mentioned above. "Discrete mathematics &    
         its applications" is enough for most of the topics.

Combinatorics :
"Intermediate Mathematics" by B.V.Sastry and K.Venkateswarlu S.Chand 
"Higher Engineering Mathematics" by B.S.Grewal 
"Introduction to algorithms" - Cormen ( CLRS )  for recurrence relations and    asymptotic

Graph Theory : 
"Intoduction to Graph Theory " by Narsing Deo

Linear Algebra : 
"Higher Engineering Mathematics" by B.S.Grewal

Numerical Methods :
 "Numerical Methods" - by S.S.Sastry

Calculus : 

 "Intermediate Mathematics" , S.chand publications , authors : B.V.Sastry , 
   K. Venkateswarlu


Digital Logic : 
"Digital Logic circuits and Design" by Morris Mano

Computer Organization and Architecture :
"Computer Organisation" by Morris Mano
"Computer Architecture" by Briggs 
"Computer Organization", by Hamacher

Programming and Data structures : 

"Programming with C" - Byron Gottfried  , Schaumm's outline series
"Principles of Programming Languages" by Robert W Sebesta  , Addison Wesley
"Programming with C++" - Balaguruswamy
"Fundamentals of Programming Languages", Ellis Horowitz, Galgotia Pub. Pvt. Ltd.
"C Programming Language", 2/E, Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie, Prentice Hall In

"Data structures"  Schaumm's outline series 
"Data structures in  PASCAL"  by Horowitz and Sahani 
"Data structures and Algorithms" by Weiss etal
"Fundamentals of Computer Algo.", Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, Galgotia Publication
"Fundamentals of Data Structures", Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, Computer Science Press Inc.

Algorithms : 
"Introduction to algorithms" - Cormen ( CLRS ) 
"Computer Algorithms" - Horowitz and Sahani 
"Algorithms" - M.N.Seetaramanth ( Tata Mc Graw Hill publications )

Theory of Computation : 
"Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation", John C Martin, McGraw-Hill
"Elements of the Theory of Computation", Harry R. Lewis, Christos H. Papadimitriou, Prentice Hall India

Compiler Design : 

"Principles of Compiler Design" , Aho , Ullman (do not miss LALR parser)
"Systems Programming " by John . J . Donovan

Operating Systems : 

"Operating system concepts" by Abraham Silberschatz and Peter Galvin 
"Advanced Unix Programming"  by  W. Richard . Stevens
"Advanced Unix Programming"  by  N.B.Venkateswarlu  , BPB publications


"Database Management systems" - Raghu RamaKrishnan 
"Database System Concepts", Abraham Silberschatz, Henry Korth, and S. Sudarshan, McGraw-Hill 
"Database systems" - C.J.Date
"Principles of Database Systems", J.D. Ullman, Galgotia Publishing

Computer Networks: 

"Computer Networks", Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Prentice Hall India 
"Data and Computer Communications", William Stallings
Computer-Networks by Larry-L-Peterson, Bruce-S-Davie

Web technologies : Study online 

[Read]   GATE Previous Years Exam Papers for CSE [Jackpot]  As I was searching for the important books for the preparation of Gate Exam, I come to know about this All in one book. As a result, I am suggesting this book here also with its contents.

GATE Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Computer Science and Information Technology With Solved Papers (set of 2 books) provides a complete study package to the students preparing for their GATE by Shanti Kirupani, Prachi Jain, Amrita Mishra, Nitesh Jain and  Publisher is  Arihant. This book will be very helpful for students wanting to excel at this competitive exam.


o Verbal Ability
o Critical reasoning
o Numerical Ability
o General Aptitude Questions
o Mathematical Logic & Graph Theory
o Probability & Statistics
o Set Theory & Algebra
o Combinatorics
o Numerical Methods
o Calculus
o Digital Logic System
o Computer Organization & Architecture
o Data Structure
o Programming in C
o Design Analysis & Algorithm
o Operating System
o Database Management System
o Software Engineering
o Computer Network
o Web Technology
& Solved Papers

These are the necessary and helpful books that will help you in getting your goal.

All the Best.

If You have any other important suggestion that i missed to mention, Please do mention in Comments. If you already have cracked the Gate Exam, Let us know your strategy and tips through comments.


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