Disable USB Storage Devices to Protect Data from Being Copied

Tired of being copied, want to save your data from being copy.
Then,You are at the right place.

Sometimes your friends or colleagues copy your data say movies ,your favourite audio playlist,images (that you don`t want to share) from your laptop or computer without asking or informing and You can`t do anything.

You have mainly two losses :One is your Data and other is viruses attack on your system as usb devices are more risky for systems in case of viruses attack.

So,What can you do? How can you save your Data?

That`s very easy task.

Disable USB Storage Device : 

  • Go to Start >> Run...
  • Type regedit , i.e. registry editor , a new Registry Editor window appears.
  • Click on  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , on left side pane of the window.
  • Look for System and click .
  • Click on CurrentControlSet  >>  services

How to Disable Mass Storage Devices to Protect Data Image
Click on Image to Zoom

  • Scrolls down and Click on USBSTOR
  • Double Click on Start
  • Enter 4 in the place ofunder Value data 
  • Now, You have done. Close Registry Editor and Refresh. 

Note : To Enable and Access the USB  Storage Device, Again change the value 
           to 3.

Keep In Mind that After Disabling USB Storage Device , It disables all USB Storage devices say Pen-Drive,Usb connecting Hard disk , Memory cards connecting using usb Card Reader.

Don`t worry, it will not disable your USB  keyboard/mouse peripheral devices. Because in the above method you are disabling only USB STORAGE DEVICES.

That`s it.

-->> Also, You can also disable your Usb Port from BIOS options.

Have Fun ! 

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