Online Typing Speed Test - Free

Want to know your typing speed in WPM? How fast you can type?

This Online Speed Test Tool is an effective and easy tool to perform online typing speed test. It contains very simple words from your daily routine. After 1 minute of your typing, You will get your results in CPM and WPM. 'CPM' and 'WPM' stands for 'Characters per Minute' and 'Words per Minute' respectively.

Points to Remember :

  • Take your time at starting and then Speed Up as you progress.
  • Do not rush when you just started learning to avoid mistakes. Practice that your fingers hit the right keys.
  • Avoid to use only 1-2 fingers to type but Practice to type with all the fingers.
  • Sit Straight and Maintain necessary distance between your eyes and screen.

  • Start Typing the above text in place of "type the words here
  • Result will be automatically shown after you started typing.
  • Click on Restart to practice again.

Keep Practicing for better results. 

Have fun!

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