Use Mobile Data Connection to Access Internet in Laptop via Bluetooth

I guess, Every or Most of the mobile phones are Bluetooth enabled present in the market. Along with this, If they are also providing internet access too in the phone,  You can use your mobile data connection in your laptop also using the Bluetooth. 

If you`re not an android user and have a Bluetooth and internet access enabled phone, then this guide is for you specially. Wait! If you`re an android user and want to access internet on your laptop using mobile data connection, you should see Use Your Android Phone as Modem or Wi-Fi Hotspot.(Click on the link to get step by step guide). Also, if you`re Nokia user , you should see Connect Computer to the Internet Using NOKIA Phone.

Okay! Now, the point is what actually you have to do? Follow some easy steps, nothing else.

  • First of all, Turn on the Bluetooth in both the devices i.e. your phone and laptop.
  • Now, Pair the phone and the laptop.

After the successful pairing of both the devices, do the same as mentioned below and have a look on the image to get better idea.

  • Just Click on Start, then Open the Control panel 
  • Choose Hardware and Sound  and then click on Devices and Printers
  • You`ll see many devices appeared here, if ever connected to your laptop.
  • Look for your phone name (Check from your phone`s bluetooth options if not confirmed)
  • Then, Right Click on your Phone Name
  • After that, Choose Dial-up Networking 
  • Click on Create a dial-up Connection...
  • Enter Dial-up phone number -- *99# or (ask your service provider)
  • You can Leave Username and Password fields blank
  • Click on Connect.

Connect Laptop to the Internet using Dial-up connection via bluetooth in Windows

That`s all. If you are successful in your try, you`ll found yourself luckier one and Enjoy the surfing on your laptop. Yeah! Internet speed might make you disappoint but well! Don`t be disappoint.

Have Fun!


  1. Great Job Sir jee. Nice post who use mobile for internet.

    1. Hello Anil,

      Thanks a lot for your valuable comment :)


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