Windows Ease of Access Tools that We Should Use

Windows provides so many tools for the convenience of the users but still some of you do not use those tools which makes the work easy.........yeah! Easy.

Windows has also put those in Ease of Access tools folder.Yeah ! , i know you are familier with ease of access tools.

But let me ask you one question,  Have you ever use those tools ?

Okay! Fine !.

Let`s put these ease of access tools and know their functioning...

  • Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Ease of access

1 >  Magnifier
2 >  Narrator
3 >  On Screen Keyboard
4 >  Windows Speech Recognition 

Magnifier :

You all know the working of Magnifier ,it magnifies the view.

Windows Provide this feature to get a large view or to zoom on screen.It has three modes :

  • Full Screen Mode : Entire screen is magnified, May be you can not see the full screen at the same time depening upon your zoom level.
  • Lens Mode :  Area around the mouse Pointer is magnified.Screen contents appear large where you point the Mouse pointer.
  • Docked Mode : Only a portion of screen is magnified,leaving the other portion unchanged.You can control the area which to be magnified.

Narrator  : 

I have already discussed the use of Narrator in  Computer Speaks What You type  
that is used to narrate what we type using the keyboard. 

Follow the link to know what Narrator is and How it works ?

On Screen Keyboard :

This is also a good tool which can be used when our keyboard is not working properly or damaged. We do not have to wait for new keyboard to continue our work.This helps us.

One more amazing use of it To Insert Password in online work say, on a bank website which have a limit of tries,using this reduces the chances of mistake.

Although, they also provides on screen keyboard for the same concern.

Windows Speech Recognition : 

This is a amazing feature, using this we can operate our computer with our voice instead of keyboard and mouse. But for that ,we have to train our computer to better recognise our voice. 

Previous posts already have descibed a lot about this feature, You must check Operate your Computer with your Voice which step by step guide to use speech recognition.

Go one step ahead and learn How to talk with Computer or Make Your computer respond your voice by speaking.

These are the most helpful ease of access tools.

Have fun!


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