How to Check SYSTEM INFORMATION in Windows

You go to a showroom to purchase a new computer or laptop of any manufacturer and Company or showroom dealer tells everything what you ask. 

But how will you know what`s  inside the system?

For your satisfaction,you want to check about the system information i.e. all about your hardware, software ,Manufacturer,  RAM Size, Hard-disk size, OS version, system model ,System type , CD-ROM ,Ports etc.

I advice, You must check all these details before finalizing your system deal.

Now the point is, How?

There are two options for checking your system information :

  • Start >> Run... >> Write msinfo32  >> Press Enter

Other way is :

  • Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> System Information

Have a look Here :

How to Check Computer Configuration in Windows i.e. RAM, Harddisk, processor etc. Image

                                          Click on Image to Zoom

This window will provide you all the information about your system what you have purchased or gonna to purchase. 

Have Fun!

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