How to Add the Path and Environment Variables in Windows

What is a Path in Windows ?

Path is used to specify the directories for the executable programs. Path specifies the directory where the executable programs are stored in the system.

After specifying Paths for the executable programs,we can start the programs without providing the whole path again and again.

Some Paths are already specified by the windows i.e. default .
Haven`t get it still ?

Path is specified to run the cmd commands in windows. For example, if you are a Java programmer or other and try to run a Java program in cmd, you`ll get the errors if you haven`t specified the path for Java jre in windows.

Let`s understand it with some examples ;

Open Run... , Type calc , Press Enter.

what you see?
Windows calculator Opens.

Try More with notepad , wordpad , regedit etc. All Opens.

Now, Try with your other installed softwares say, firefox or other . Try to open in Run...

They will not open. 

Why? Why are they not opening like those programs?

Because there is no path specified for it.We have to set a path manually for this.

That is the use and benefit of path specification.

How to Set the Path Environmental variable in Windows ?

Just Copy the directory of the program and paste it in the path separating by the semi-colon ( ; )

For example, we have to add path manually for the java- jre or jdk.Then it will be look like :

C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin ;( If it is installed in default directory Program Files)

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_02\bin ; 

Let`s learn how to add Path : 

  • Right click on Computer >> Properties
  • In left pane of new window, Click on Advanced system settings
  • In Advanced Tab >> Click on Environment Variables...
  • Look for path by scrolling down under system variables
  • Click on Path , add semi-colon ( ; ) then paste the directory .

How to set the path and environment variables in Windows
Click on Image to Zoom

You have Done.

Have Fun!

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