Text to Speech : Name of Your PC/Laptop`s Default Windows Voice

You already knew the Gender of your pc/laptop means whether it is male voice or female voice.

If not, You can find it here : Find the Gender of your PC/Laptop 

Now, You want to know What is the name of your default windows voice?

Do You?? 

Yes! Okay!

It is very easy, You just have to follow some easy steps: 

But first, Understand that Microsoft provides one or two default voices whether male or female with different windows operating systems. Microsoft Sam,Mike etc. are default male voices and Microsoft Mary,Anna etc. are female voices.

Check the Name of PC/Laptop`s Default Windows Voice :

  • Click on  Start button >> Control Panel
  • Ease of Access >> Speech Recognition.
  • Now in the left pane, Click Advanced speech options.
  • In new pop up window, Click on Text to Speech.
  • Under Voice Selection, Here is your default windows voice name.

What is the Name of PC`s Default Windows Voice Image
Click on Image to zoom.

That`s it.

Have Fun!

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