How to Fix Common Errors during Windows XP Installation

Installing Windows XP is a very easy task but this task becomes a headache when you face errors during installation.Then,It can take hours to complete the installation.So, You must aware how to overcome these errors.

If I share my own experiences with windows xp, i have installed windows xp many a times and faced many errors during installation and everytime i learnt something new and better to solve the problem.

So,I`m gonna discuss some most common errors during installation and some simple and easy ways to solve them.

Before Proceeding ,Have a look on How to Install windows XP .You will get basic idea which and where you can face any error.

Note : Always use a original windows installation CD and it must be scratch & dirt 
          free.It reduces errors during installation.

Error during Copying Files :

filename is missing or problem while copying files :

During this error,you will see a window asking:To continue press Enter or skip this file or cancel Setup.
  • Avoid skipping the file as windows will not work properly after installation or will not install.
  • Make sure that Disc is not scratched or dirty.Clean the Disc with soft cloth.
  • Try to Press Enter ( only 3-4 times ).If setup does not continue..
  • Replace the Setup Disc i.e. Windows installation CD
  • If it also not work, Replace the CD/DVD Drive. Yeah! It`s not easy for individual or home users to arrange new Drive  but it`s also a way to setup windows using same CD ( If CD is in good  condition)

Blue Screen Error :

This is usually caused by hardware or software that is incompatible with Windows.This error have no alternate solution what i know, you have just two options : Either Wait or Restart Computer .

  • Waiting for Setup to continue is beneficial only if light of computer is blinking that blinks when hard disk is running.
  • If it is not so....Restart Computer.
  • If error continues, Try to remove hardwares that are not in use say floppy drive,other CD/DVD drive, or hardware that is not compatible with windows.

Fatal Error :

I got blue screen and fatal error many of times during windows installation ( IInd Phase ).

To avoid this error what i did ,I just eject the disc and insert again.

CD/DVD Drive stops reading installation Disc : 

  •  Just Eject and again Insert the disc.
  • If it still not read, Replace the disc or drive.
The above common errors are those which i had faced many times and what i used to do to solve them.

If you face any other error or problem during installing windows xp, Let me know, I`ll try to provide possible solution for that.

Have Fun!

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