Capture Desktop Screen without Any Software and Edit Image

Sometimes You might need to capture - take a picture of your desktop screen.

Then, How will you take a snapshot ?
You might consider any software for do the same.

But what`s the need of any software, If you already have that facility within your system.

Don`t get ?

This article will explain how to capture your Desktop Screen without downloading or using any online tool. Also, How to Edit that Image - crop, rotate, save etc.

Did you ever use Print Screen key ? Did you know, What is the use of that key ?

Print Screen key, available in almost keyboards (for desktop or laptop) with either PrntScr, Print Screen, Pr Scr names.

That`s fine. Print Screen Key is present.

What`s next? How to use this key?

How to Capture Desktop Screen using Print Screen Key :

Switch to the window that you want to Capture. Remember that this will capture the whole window, not a specific part. But, You can edit it after capturing.

  • Press Print Screen key from Keyboard after switching to desired window
  • Open MS Paint or any Image Editor.
  • Press CTRL + V [ Paste from Menu ]
  • Save the Image from Menu in your desired image format i.e. .jpg, .png etc. 

Here you go.

As this captured the whole screen, But if you want some desired part of the image, you can edit it using any image editor then.

Editing the Image After Capturing and Pasting :

After Saving , Rest you can do with any image Editor.

Let`s do some required editing like Selecting desired portion of Image or Inserting texts on Image etc. in MS Paint. You might know all these editing but if not, Follow the following...

How to Select Desired part :

  • Choose Select >> Transparent or Free-form Selection
  • Select your desired portion of image i.e. Crop and copy it(Ctrl + C)
  • After copying, Choose New from the Menu or Open Paint again.
  • Paste selected portion and Save.

Inserting Texts on Image :

  • Choose A tool i.e. Text
  • Click on Image and Insert desired text.
  • Save.

How to Capture Desktop Screen without Any Software and Edit in Paint
Click on Image to Zoom

You can do more editing using different tools...

To Learn More Editing : Learn MS Paint 

This was all about How to Capture the Desktop Screen without Any Software and Editing the Image.You have no need to download any other software.

Have Fun!


  1. Yeah! I got it.
    It's very simple.
    Thanks a lot Man! As i don't know about it before.

    All articles are helpful.really!

    waiting for next articles......

    1. Most Welcome :)`s very simple.

  2. Nyc page.. :)
    Waiting for more posts.. Really all articles are helpful..
    happy new yr :)

    1. Hi there,

      Sure....Thanks a lot :)
      It means a lot and Very Happy New Year you too with all happiness....:)


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