How to Fix Drive is not Showing in My Computer in Windows 7

Sometimes, You might also get yourself into a weird situation like when you upgrade or install windows 7 or 8  and after the successful installation, you come to know that there is a partition missing from your computer. You surprised to see that one of your hard-disk drive partition has disappeared from My Computer. What will you do? and what happens if your all important data was in it?

Recently, I got a similar question :

I successfully installed windows 7 in my laptop but when i opened Computer (means My Computer), the drive f: was not showing up there. My all important data has lost. Is there any way to get my data or partition back? Please Help.

So, I am writing this article with easy and effective way to get you lost hard-disk drive back with your data safely.

Have you got yourself into this kind of situation?
Okay! Relax! Here is a very simple way which i suggested and worked successfully for that questioner.

Check Which Drives are showing in Disk Management :

Before Applying this, Make sure that the drive which is not showing up in Computer explorer, is present or not in Disk Management.

  • Right Click on Computer from Desktop >> Manage
  • Disk Management under Storage in left pane.
  • Check your disappeared drive is showing or not here ?

If it is showing here, then proceed further...

Now, The point is how to get that drive back in Computer? Follow the Steps :

Get Back your Hard-disk drive and Data Safely :

  • Right Click on Computer from Desktop >> Manage
  • Disk Management under Storage in left pane.
  • Right Click on the Drive which is not showing in Computer
  • Choose any letter from the list in front of Assign the following Drive Letter.

That`s it. Congrats! Now, You will be happy to see your disappeared partition back in Computer with other drives and your whole data is safe.

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This is a most simple way to get back your disappeared hard-disk drive partition and your data without needing any recovery software or formatting your hard disk drive.

Have Fun!

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