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The key focus area of any iOS development company is building applications for iPhone and other Apple devices. They have a team of programmers also known as iOS app developers who help the company to create, test, and market applications over a range of ios devices. 

The big question is how to really create an iPhone app? This is the theme of this article as it will take you through a step-by-step process of building an application.

IOS Development Company – Key Focus Area for developing Apps for iphone or other

Idea and USP

There are two important aspects that you need to consider for creation of an iPhone app – idea and USP. Idea talks about the app, what is it, how is it useful for iphone users, and what special features will it have. USP is unique selling proposition – how is it different from any other ios app in the same category.

Is It A Native App?

In order to understand how to build an iphone app, you need to identify whether you are creating a web based application or a native application. Once you have identified the same, you need to look for the right framework. If you are creating a native application, which is normally the case with iPhone apps, you need to learn and use Objective-C along with iOS system frameworks.

Shape Your Structure :

A picture in your mind may not necessarily transform into the picture you want in your application. Hence, you need to draw a few pages of your desired app like login form, download page, navigation and status bar, direction using maps etc. If the need be, design a mock-up in Photoshop. You can also check some existing apps to help you create the required structure.

Installing and Using Xcode :

Every ios development company needs to install Xcode to use it for development of ios apps. You can register as a developer at the Apple Developer site to download Xcode 4. 

If your PC or laptop has the latest version of Mac OS X Lion then you can simply search through the App Store to get Xcode 4. Xcode 4 is an integrated development environment (IDE) that includes the iOS SDK & Simulator. 

This will help you to build and run iOS apps right there on your Mac. When using the Xcode, you can give you iOS application a name, which will be used later on during marketing and promotion.

Understand The Programming Architecture :

The best way to understand how the application will work is by understanding its programming architecture. XCode comes packed with several features like showing Model, View, and Controller (MVC). It may look confusing to start with, but MVC is something you will fall in love with. Model contains the information and functions to be displayed on the screen but it is unable to interact with the screen. Views contain mostly visuals, and have the ability to interact with the screen. The Controller plays the role of hiding back-end data from your front-end design.

Get familiar with Objective-C :

Since Objective-C is the core programming language for developing ios apps, you need to get familiar with it. You can check online tutorials and work with them to get a firm understanding of the language.

About the Author : - This is a Guest Post by Jerry Ahern, who is an app developer who has amassed experience working with a renowned ios development company. Through this article, he has provided information on how to build an iPhone app without a sweat!

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