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GATE Last 10 Years Exam Papers for CSE

This section contains GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering previous year question papers for practice and perform well in the examination. These will help you to understand type of questions generally asked in the examination.

Practicing previous papers will enhance your ability to perform well in the examination and understanding power. 

Here, Unsolved question papers are provided for practice. Check out the previous GATE Papers for Practice.....


Happy Friendship Day-Sunday 3rd august,2014

Hello Everyone,

Today is friendship day-a day of celebration with friends,for friends,or say a day of friends.

We will not talk who founded or named this day as "FRIENDSHIP DAY", whoever He was.

But this day is amazing for friends to memorise their best memories together of past or making new  friends.

Everyone has many friends in their life but one or two are the most wonderful friends whom you want the most,love to spend time with him/her.

But What are friends? Whom will you say a friend?

Formatting Pen-drive Using CMD Prompt to FAT32 or NTFS

However, Windows operating system provides a great windows utility program for formatting any pen-drive or other storage device But sometimes that does not work in some cases. In these cases, Users might be allowed to format in either FAT32 file system only or not allowed at all. So, What will the users do in these cases?

If we consider in case of "virus" in pen-drives, then we found that sometimes pen-drives are infected with virus and are not cleaned after formatting many times. So, what can we do in this case too? 

Have you tried to format your pen-drive with cmd prompt ever?

Use Mobile Data Connection to Access Internet in Laptop via Bluetooth

I guess, Every or Most of the mobile phones are Bluetooth enabled present in the market. Along with this, If they are also providing internet access too in the phone,  You can use your mobile data connection in your laptop also using the Bluetooth. 

If you`re not an android user and have a Bluetooth and internet access enabled phone, then this guide is for you specially. Wait! If you`re an android user and want to access internet on your laptop using mobile data connection, you should see Use Your Android Phone as Modem or Wi-Fi Hotspot.(Click on the link to get step by step guide). Also, if you`re Nokia user , you should see Connect Computer to the Internet Using NOKIA Phone.

Okay! Now, the point is what actually you have to do? Follow some easy steps, nothing else.

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