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Use Mobile Data Connection to Access Internet in Laptop via Bluetooth

I guess, Every or Most of the mobile phones are Bluetooth enabled present in the market. Along with this, If they are also providing internet access too in the phone,  You can use your mobile data connection in your laptop also using the Bluetooth. 

If you`re not an android user and have a Bluetooth and internet access enabled phone, then this guide is for you specially. Wait! If you`re an android user and want to access internet on your laptop using mobile data connection, you should see Use Your Android Phone as Modem or Wi-Fi Hotspot.(Click on the link to get step by step guide). Also, if you`re Nokia user , you should see Connect Computer to the Internet Using NOKIA Phone.

Okay! Now, the point is what actually you have to do? Follow some easy steps, nothing else.

Online Typing Speed Test - Free

Want to know your typing speed in WPM? How fast you can type?

This Online Speed Test Tool is an effective and easy tool to perform online typing speed test. It contains very simple words from your daily routine. After 1 minute of your typing, You will get your results in CPM and WPM. 'CPM' and 'WPM' stands for 'Characters per Minute' and 'Words per Minute' respectively.

Points to Remember :

  • Take your time at starting and then Speed Up as you progress.
  • Do not rush when you just started learning to avoid mistakes. Practice that your fingers hit the right keys.
  • Avoid to use only 1-2 fingers to type but Practice to type with all the fingers.
  • Sit Straight and Maintain necessary distance between your eyes and screen.

Disable USB Storage Devices to Protect Data from Being Copied

Tired of being copied, want to save your data from being copy.
Then,You are at the right place.

Sometimes your friends or colleagues copy your data say movies ,your favourite audio playlist,images (that you don`t want to share) from your laptop or computer without asking or informing and You can`t do anything.

You have mainly two losses :One is your Data and other is viruses attack on your system as usb devices are more risky for systems in case of viruses attack.

So,What can you do? How can you save your Data?

That`s very easy task.

How to Create and Use System Repair Disc in Windows 7 or 8

System Repair Disc allows  you to repair your Windows operating system if a serious error occurs and also make possible to access system recovery options. 
It can be a better idea to have a repair disc as you never know when a malfunction might occur in your system. 

However, Windows new versions come up with a built-in repair environment
i.e. Recovery Environment. But It will be helpful to create the bootable Windows System Repair disc and keeping it safe so that you can use it whenever your system becomes irresponsive.

Sometimes, It is possible that you might got yourself in a weird situation like you turn off your system safely but when you again switch it on, It doesn`t work. Mostly the thing that happens is the blue screen error, death error at start up. In that case, Users face a blue screen error whenever they start their system and the system does not run further and freezes only on that screen. 
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