13 Effective Ways to Improve Battery Life of Smartphone

13 Effective Ways to Improve Battery Life of Smartphone Image
There is no doubt that Mobile phones has changed our life. But Today, Users face problems with the battery life of mobile phones. There is no single solution for poor battery life.

According to new research, Smartphone manufacturers must optimize both hardware and software configurations to improve battery life.

Here are the different useful and important points to save battery power and makes your mobile battery lasts longer. Considering these might help you to tackle with the 'Low Battery' problem. 
Improve battery life of your Smartphone :

o Brightness :  Screen Brightness is a major factor which affects the battery life of you Smartphone. The higher the brightness of the screen, more the mobile battery usage. 

So, You should keep the brightness level minimum as possible Or you can set the brightness level to adjust automatically.
Mostly of us aware of this but only some of us implements this.

  • To reduce or adjust screen Brightness,Settings>>Display>>Brightness

o Wi-Fi :  Mostly Smartphone users always keeps wi-fi signal ON. It is obvious that Wi-Fi facility might not always available everywhere. Due to this, Smartphone always keeps searching for wi-fi signal which consumes battery more and reduces your Smartphone`s battery life.

So, You must off Wi-Fi in your Mobile and Switch it On whenever you need.

  • To Turn it On/Off: Settings>>Wireless and networks>>Wi-Fi Settings

o GPS : Today, Mostly Smartphones provides the GPS facility. This feature also uses more battery. 

So,Do not Switch it On always, It is better to Off this feature and only On whenever you need.

  • To Turn GPS Off: Settings>>Location and security>>Use GPS satellite

o Screen Timeout : This is how long your phone's screen stays awake after you left using it or you tap on screen. 

So, You must keep this Screen timeout period Short to make your cellphone`s battery lasts longer.

  • To adjust screen Timeout period: Settings>>Display>>Screen Timeout

o SYNC Applications : If you’re using any sync application, 'Email' (is very common) or any other then change the Sync settings to WiFi only. if this apps will sync your data over Mobile data then there will be huge drain in battery life and it’ll also eat up your mobile data too. 

So, Set them up manually which will save your cellphone`s battery life.

o Bluetooth : Mostly Smartphone holders uses this feature, But they should also know that bluetooth searches for signal similar as Wi-Fi does, It uses more battery than usual. If you always keep it on, It continues to use battery power even if you disconnected from any device. 

So, It will be better if you off bluetooth when not in use. It will affect battey lifetime.

  • To turn Bluetooth Off:Settings>>Wireless and networks>>Bluetooth Settings

o Full Charge and Full Discharge : Do not follow the method of full charge and full discharge.Many people are still used to nickel-cadmium batteries, the kind that you were supposed to fully charge and discharge, they lose their ability to retain a charge. 

But lithium-ion batteries, which you’ll find in most smartphone, don’t work that way. A partial discharge on a Li-on battery is totally fine. In fact, you’re actually better off charging your phone whenever possible rather than letting the battery go all the way down to zero. It’ll actually help preserve your overall battery life over time.So,Don’t worry about overcharging.

o Disable Audible Feedback and Touch Sounds : Those little vibration eats a large amount of battery, so it’s better to disable the audible feedback and also turn off the sound on touch.

  • To Disable: Settings>>Sounds>>Audible tones under 'feedback'.

o Use power management Apps : Some phones come preloaded with apps designed to increase your battery life — use them. And if your phone doesn’t come with any battery-saving software, you can always download some like Easy Battery Saver, 2X Battery, du battery saver etc.

o Navigation Location : This is also a good feature that today`s Smartphone contain which tells a user`s location time to time. It is advisable to Turn it off whenever your cellphone`s Battery is low.

o Switch the vibrate function off on your phone, using just the ring tone.

o With a smartphone, avoid using moving or animated pictures or videos for your background. 

o You can also Turn off notifications from un-necessary applications which results into Smartphone`s screen display on notifications time to time when battery is low.

These are the some points which might help you to improve your battery life in your mobile phone. However, The size of smartphones has increased dramatically in the some last years, with phone manufacturers improving battery life by using physically large batteries.

Have Fun!

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